Letter of Accomodation



As a 1996 Ph.D. graduate, with extensive experience in the Health Care, Social Service  and the Gerontology field I highly recommend Ms. Diane Pagano to you.

I have known  Diane Pagano for more than ten years serving as a mentor, professional coach and friend. And although I have acted as an adviser to her; she has made  a very strong influence on me. Her authentic love and tenacity to help and enhance those in need is impressive. Her strong yet never imposing way of respecting the dignity and the desires of the elderly population is extraordinary.

Diane is simply gifted in her ability to so easily relate to people all ages and  social arenas. And it is amazing how quickly others gravitate to the friendship and trust in her. I am sure that your  team will find Ms. Pagano’s character, knowledge and personal standard of excellence  to be ideal for the challenge and the tenacity that it takes to be a top notch solution for our growing seniors.

Diane’s level of integrity is complimented with her ability to be able to connect to others in an unbelievable way that cultivates trust, respect and understanding. This unique ability that Diane has is not only imperative for the patients needing care but also for the rest of the health care team to cultivate teamwork, professionalism and harmony for the betterment of both the seniors, the mission of the health care organization and the concerned family members who are directly affected.

I am confident that your professional relationship with Diane will be an unforgettable experience, and that will exceed your present expectations; as it relates to integrity, innovation and professionalism in our ever-changing health care world.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks Ph.D.
The Dr. Kim Experience, LLC
International Motivator, Life Coach and Author