About US

My name is Diane Pagano and I am the proud daughter of

Angelo and Pauline who passed away too young.

In 2007 my dad was given six months to live and passed away at 68 years old after only three months.  My mom was on the road to recovery after a three week hospitalization in 2013 and passed away at 72 years old at night in her home.

My mom’s mantra was “out of bad comes good,” which is why I founded Golden Au Pair, LLC.

The loss of my parents provided me with the motivation and determination to help other caregivers who are not in a position to care for their loved one.  The demands on a caregiver can be overwhelming when dividing time between a loved one and their job or taking care of their own commitments.  I was torn many times between my parents and work obligations.

And now I am going to utter the forbidden words… Respite care is vital for caregivers! A period of rest and relaxation for the caregiver is necessary to avoid guilty feelings of frustration and to feel re-energized. There I said it!  I would be remiss if did not bring up the unmentionable feelings that many of us go through but are embarrassed to admit.

This is when the Golden Au Pair, LLC will help.